Creative Psychology


Are you looking for a way forward in your life?

You feel a bit stuck or challenged in some way?

Your mood is low and you feel confused about which way to turn?

You feel too anxious to achieve the life you want to lead?

Whatever is getting in the way of feeling good about your life, talking to me, Susan Watsham, at Creative Psychology is a first step towards overcoming obstacles.


personal Development

Maybe you want to explore what to do in life and you’re not sure what that is or what is stopping you moving forward. By helping you look at yourself I can assist you to find your own solutions.

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Stressful LIfe Events

There are many reasons for experiencing feelings of depression and/or anxiety, or anger or frustration. These feelings might come from a loss you’ve suffered. They might result from childhood experiences such as abuse – physical, emotional and/or sexual. Or it could be more recent events which have made you feel worthless and unable to tackle difficulties.

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Family Issues

Events can throw up relationship difficulties. Our behaviour might be perceived as aggressive. Family issues can highlight feelings of inadequacy. Confidence issues, sometimes lack and sometimes excess thereof, can get in the way of our being whom we want to be.

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