Creative Psychology

Family Issues

Our relationships within families can go through difficult times. 

Our behaviour and the thoughts feelings we experience during those times can add to our difficulties. Relationship counselling is here to help you with many aspects of life, whether it be a family crisis or that psychological help is needed for getting the family ‘back on track’.

As a couple you may have reached the “split or stay together” fork in the road. Couples therapy can help you. In being objective and non-judgemental I can work with you through this emotional time to help you make the decision that is right for you.

Parenting is a very demanding and important task and Creative Psychology can help parents to realise their effectiveness. Helping alleviate the symptoms of anxiety and stress in the parents and helping them to boost their self confidence is central to that realisation of effectiveness and therefore beneficial to the whole family.

Being an adolescent can highlight issues both for oneself and for one’s family. Adolescence can be a time of anxiety and fear, of self-confidence building, or perhaps seeming to feel anxious for no reason. Gaining an objective perspective by talking to me can prove invaluable in negotiating the way through what can be a very difficult time of conflicting views and values.

If retirement or redundancy is looming (or has loomed!) and is causing you concern here is a space to talk and work through the transition.  People can experience a type of bereavement when having to give up paid work and being able to talk things through can be helpful in this respect. I can help you get to grips with and enjoy your life after leaving paid work.

At Creative Psychology we treat addictions, holistically with medical, nutritional and psychological therapy. The psychological therapy helps with developing self confidence, anxiety control, feelings of depression to name but a few aspects of addiction. If you want to work to overcome the addictive habit you’ve acquired we will work with you to help you gain a more rewarding balanced life.

To help me best serve your enquiry, I recommend that you first describe the issue you’re having before telling me what you want to achieve. You may call me on 01435 883699 or 07918 030278 to make an appointment. 

Having worked with Susan for several years we were always very happy with the work she undertook with our patients and the progress they made.

She is an inspirational character and we would have no hesitation in recommending her.
— GP Practice, London