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Personal Development

Building self confidence and improving low self esteem are part of improving your self confidence

Good communication skills are vital in helping you to be in touch with yourself and others more effectively. Coaching you, via role play and discussion, to communicate well is also part of building self confidence and improving low self esteem which we do at Creative Psychology.  In our work together you are enabled to discover your strengths, a more helpful perspective and to gain a balanced view of yourself.  You will learn the skills you need to help you to be the confident the person you want to be.

Anger and frustration are feelings which can be destructive and disempowering if we don’t know how to deal with and tolerate them.

Do you lack self-esteem? Our work together in identifying and challenging your unhelpful assumptions will help you to appreciate yourself and broaden your view.

Being assertive rather than aggressive enables you to express yourself more effectively and is a skill you can acquire at Creative Psychology. Similarly, understanding the emotion of anger enables you to use it rather than it using you. Such understanding comes from exploration of what is behind the anger you experience but find difficult to handle.

To enhance the living of life you may benefit from coaching in stress management  Creative Psychology can work with you on the issues that arise from stressful life events.

Anger and frustration are feelings which can be destructive and disempowering if we don’t know how to deal with and tolerate them. Exploration of the issues giving rise to such feelings enables us to be more effective.

We know that feeling anxious to a degree is healthy: it can keep us safe. However, when we become over-anxious, have high anxiety symptoms and become panicky, we are not controlling anxiety – it is controlling us! We don’t function optimally and this gets in the way of our feeling okay about ourselves. I can help you learn how to deal more effectively with such feelings: understanding leads to choice - understanding your emotions can help you to choose to feel better about yourself.

Personal development can be about achieving work/life balance. Through discovering your goals, assumptions, choices, together we can work on your obtaining and sustaining the balance that is right for you.

Whether you are experiencing an emotional problem such as depression, want help with low self esteem, severe anxiety help or have come to a fork in the road of your life, talking to me at Creative Psychology can benefit you.

To help me best serve your enquiry, I recommend that you first describe the issue you’re having before telling me what you want to achieve. You may call me on 01435 883699 or 07918 030278to make an appointment.