Creative Psychology

Stressful Life Events

Life events such as bereavement, crisis, illness, redundancy, divorce, stress and trauma occur.

How we deal with them can influence the rest of our lives.

You may be experiencing, or have experienced, such life events and feel that you are not integrating them into your life as well as you would like. In talking through the issues and helping you to a different perspective, our work together could help you to get the objectivity and clarity you need.

Do you need help with coming to terms with divorce, to find your way through the feelings that stop you getting on with this new phase of your life? Similarly, redundancy and bereavement change your life.  You don’t have to deal with difficult feelings arising from these events by yourself .  Working with you I shall endeavour to listen to you, to hear you and perhaps objectively to challenge any unhelpful perceptions you have which get in the way of your being content.


Life events can bring us anxiety and stress, reasons for depression and other psychological problems which are difficult to handle alone.

Trauma comes in many guises, for example rape, sexual abuse, physical attack, witnessing violence, horrific incidents and emotional abuse, to name but a few.  Trauma can leave us feeling scared, anxious, cut-off, and/or depressed. Trying to push it to the back of our minds and ignoring it can lead to us feeling out of control when suddenly feelings and thoughts, seemingly from nowhere, erupt to make us feel so awful and perhaps behave in a way with which we’re not comfortable. Such behaviours might be eating too much/too little, illegal drug taking and the overconsumption of alcohol which serve to mask the underlying mental pain. To help you understand and deal with the affects of your trauma(s) and to integrate the trauma(s) into your consciousness thereby gaining control over your fear is an important aspect of my work at Creative Psychology.

To help me best serve your enquiry, I recommend that you first describe the issue you’re having before telling me what you want to achieve. You may call me on 01435 883699 or 07918 030278 to make an appointment. 

Susan helped me through a very tough time in my life. I first saw her when I was suffering from awful panic attacks and anxiety; by positive counselling we examined all the underlying negative thoughts and issues that had been causing this situation. Susan seemed to intuitively understand.

I left each session equipped with the tools to understand and cope with negative feelings and how to deal with anxiety. Now I feel positive, confident and able to embrace my life, and I no longer suffer from panic attacks. It is not an easy journey but incredibly fulfilling.

Susan helped me to stop worrying and to start living.
— JF